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    Rihanna at ”LAX” Airport in Los Angeles.


  4. all hail the pretty brown women out there, may your skin glisten in the sun & make every man weak in the knees.

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  6. Devon Aoki photographed by Daniel Sannwald for Pop, Fall 2014

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    A Subtlety, The Kara Walker exhibit in honour of all the enslaved workers forced to feed the sweet tooth of America 

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    As part of the creative process leading up to her installation at the Domino Sugar Factory, Kara Walker did extensive research on the sugar trade. Explore her notes, sketches, bibliography, and more HERE.

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    tyler stanced up in the chair like “naaah ya feet dirty like shit mo n why is u poppin ya pussy on da prius”

    Stop these white bitches. Pls. Don’t nobody wanna see ur elongated back attempting to go up and down. U and ur thirsty ass, dumb fucking friends that thought this was a good idea need to cut this shit out and go sit ur 12 year old no having ass in the fucking corner.

    she had to do all that? she coulda just asked

    the comments tho!!!!!!! But for real this cultural appropriation is ridiculous!

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