1. blackfashion:

    Name : Brooklyn West Carter

    Clothes : Thrift Store Shirt | Huff Socks | Vans

    Age : 23

    Submitted by: hypesterhymnist.tumblr.com

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    Hair beauty Teyonah Parris - Elle’s 21st Annual Women In Hollywood

    Gah!!!! Gorgeous is an understatement!!!

    holy smokes look at that hair!!! love her outfit

    She is everything

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    The Law You Won’t Be Told (Jury Annulment)

    Annulment of the jury is the power granted to a jury to announce an accused as “not culprit”, even if the jury knows that the accused is guilty to the eyes of the law.

    “Annulment of the Jury takes place when the guilt is established, but the jury decides to absolve to his own sense of the justice, the property, the prejudice, or any other feeling or worry”. Randall Kennedy, Race, Crime, and the Law (1997)

    THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. A jury decides whether or not the accused broke the law, but have no say on the length of sentence. Most people also believe that a jury has only two strict options to pick from; ‘guilty or not guilty IN THE EYES OF THE LAW’.

    The power of annulment was given to the jury to avoid unjust and prejudice judgments, avoiding excessive sentences, which is plaguing America.

    Annulled cases are subjected to double jeopardy laws, meaning the accused cannot be re-tried for the same crime, regardless of whether the judge feels they should be punished. It is the proper way for the jury to say “We do not agree with the law.”

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    THE GEISHA COSTUME hand made & in limited quantities - www.shopmatte.com

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  9. brianashanee:

    THE GEISHA COSTUME hand made & in limited quantities - www.shopmatte.com

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    Spring /Summer 2013 Female Range : 

    Campaign : Jay Jays South Africa

    Model : Bilqees Baker 

    Model: Zipho Tony Gum

    Photographer: Tegan Smith

    Fashion Assistant: Noxolo Mafu

    Stylist and Creative Director : Anelisa Mangcu

    forgot this one. 

    bye-bye eyes.

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    From my shoot this Spring with model, Briana Shaneé

    Photographer: Briana G (Me)
    All inquiries/bookings: BrianaGreenidge@yahoo.com

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    Oh! Y’all thought I woke up like dis?! Nah homie. (I’m one of the few who don’t lie.) 😂